Welcome to the Student Chapter of AIChE at UC Irvine!

Week 9

5th General Meeting
Wednesday, 3/4/15
Time: 6PM
Location: RH 108

Board member applicants will be giving their speeches and then we will vote for the new officers of AIChE. This will be the last general meeting of the quarter and food will be provided so please come out and have a great time with AIChE! 

Internship Exploring Session
Thursday, 3/5/15
Time: 6:30 PM
Location: DBH 1300

3 alumni will be coming back to speak about their experiences on how they got their first internships and how they like working at their current jobs. We have speakers from oil & gas, biotechnology, and food/supplements manufacturing industry speaking about what is it like working in that industry, what it took for them to get into that industry, and other advice!

Speakers are: Miguel Sanchez, Nick Kurtz, Chris Case.